From choral accompanist to British Music Hall performer, junior high newspaper editor to travel writer and book editor, from fairy godmother in a play at the local library when she was six to world-traveling actress, from associate professor of theatre to theatre critic, organist's page-turner to symphony manager, Pellowe has embraced all aspects of the arts.

Following on from 12 years at Aurora University and 16 years at The Art Institute of Chicago, Susan is now the Coordinator of Visual Arts at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago as well as Artistic Director of Fourth Acts. She is working on three books, most immediately on the one with a working title "The Stroke of a Phoenix", recounting her recovery from a stroke in 2005. Read a sneak preview!

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Although she never preached a sermon or published a book or founded a church, is known as the Mother of Methodism. Why? Because two of her sons, John Wesley and Charles Wesley, as children consciously or unconsciously will, applied the example and teachings and circumstances of their home life.

Susanna was a remarkable woman. She certainly never went to university or had any of what we would term formal education; that simply was not available to women in 17th century England. But her father taught her to read and to think for
herself and as the twig is bent,
so grows the tree.

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