A Wesley Family Book of Days

compiled and edited by Susan Pellowe

Revised Edition 2002
Renard Productions, Chicago, IL, USA
ISBN 0-9623507-3-7
Retail $14.95

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Drawings, letters, portraits, diaries, and poems introduce the 18th century family of brothers John and Charles Wesley, founders of Methodism. A Wesley Family Book of Days reveals the daily personal devotion, humor, and concerns of Susanna and Samuel Wesley, her renowned father, their 19 children and some of the grandchildren. Insights and surprises flow from page to page in this most browse-able book.

The quality of reproduction of over 100 illustrations in the 2002 revised edition is greatly improved. It also offers additional color portraits of Charles Wesley's wife and sons in color, a seldom seen portrait of father Samuel Wesley, updated information to reflect recent scholarship, several new entries, and indices that include John’s sermons and Charles’ hymns. With each day of the year giving an event in Wesley life, a thoughtful excerpt from their writings, an illustration of their 18th century world or other information, many people use A Wesley Family Book of Days for daily meditations. It is an ideal gift therefore for daily use as well as for new church members, for those who want to know about the Methodist heritage, for a church library, or for friends who enjoy a glimpse of life in 18th century England.

What people say about A Wesley Family Book of Days

Delightful and informative. It will be a long time before I can put this book on the shelf. – Harriet Fields, Michigan Christian Advocate.

Pellowe’s book has included material from many neglected members of that original Methodist family, especially the women. This book of daily readings and recollections is an excellent way to catch up on the Methodist tradition. In a wider sense, it brings us closer to our own families and the Holy Spirit’s intention in our own lives. – Lycurgus Starkey, The United Methodist Reporter

An immense amount of detail, in turns inspiring, humorous or touching. Also some wonderful glimpses of what life was like for itinerant preachers. Altogether a fascinating book whose appeal is not limited to Methodists. It is difficult not to be inspired by A Wesley Family Book of Days. – Claire Bowden-Dan, Cornish Worldwide

Such a rich collection of quotations and illustrations...reflects a breadth of insight into and enthusiasm for the Wesley family. A lovely book. – Geoffrey Milburn, Editor, Wesley Historical Society (UK)

Packed full of information that is frequently hard to find, especially the wonderful illustrations. – John P Kondelick, Director of Libraries, Albion College

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